Infant School

Wychwood Crescent, Birmingham, West Midlands, B26 1LZ


Last update: 2019-09-03

 The summary below is of the Governors of Lyndon Green Infant School

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Appraisal Team: Nicola Sierzega Chris Loxton and  Claire Hawker.

Hearing Panel: Chris Loxton, Nicola Sierzega , Claire Hawker.

Appeals Panel: Lucy Johnston and Saima Kanwal , Gavin Read

Policy Committee: Barry Yeardsley, Chris Loxton, Claire Hawker and Nicola Sierzega.



LA – Local Authority nominated or appointed governor

PG – Elected or appointed Parent Governor

STF – Staff governor

CG – Co-opted Governor, appointed by the governing body

AS – Associate member

Membership of Governing Body for Academic Year 2014/15/16 included the following people:

Stephen Green was a Community Governor until  reconstitution on 11th May 2015. He held the offices of Vice- Chair of Governors and was  Chair of the School Improvement Committee. He declared Pecuniary Interests because his wife works at LGJS. He was also the Safeguarding Governor.

Karen Jacks resigned as an Associate Governor on 10th  November 2015. Her information can be found in the table above.

Membership of Governing Body for Academic Year 2015-16 included the following people

Rehana Begum was re-elected as LA Governor on  15/03/2016 for 4 years.

Marie Stratford resigned as Staff Governor as of 31st August 2016.

Annie Martin and Jenny Atkins terms of office finished on 22nd October 2017. They have been replaced by Nicola Sierzega and Lucy Johnston.

Yvonne Percival resigned 4th December 2018.

Joanne Cope term of office finished 10th May 2019.