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Wychwood Crescent, Birmingham, West Midlands, B26 1LZ


Last update: 2020-03-13

Information for parents

Diary Dates

NB: There will be 5 teacher training days per academic year,

Here are the term dates for: 

School Year 2019 to 2020

Autumn Term 2019

Term Starts: Monday 2 September 2019

Year 1 and Year 2 return on Wednesday 4th September.

Reception children start part time on Thursday 5th September. Full time on Thursday 12th September.

Half Term: Monday 28 October 2019 to Friday 1 November 2019 (TTD on 4th November)
Term Ends: Friday 20 December 2019

Spring Term 2020.

Term Starts: Monday 6 January 2020 (TTD on 6th January)
Half Term: Monday 17 February 2020 to Friday 21 February 2020
Term Ends: Friday 3 April 2020

Summer Term 2020

Term Starts: Monday 20 April 2020
Half Term: Monday 25 May 2020 to Friday 29 May 2020
Term Ends: Monday 20 July 2020 (TTD on 20th July)


School Year 2020 to 2021

Autumn Term 2020

NB: There will be 5 teacher training days per academic year. (dates tbc)


Term Starts: Tuesday 1 September 2020
Half Term: Monday 26 October 2020 to Friday 30 October 2020
Term Ends: Friday 18 December 2020

Spring Term 2021

Term Starts: Monday 4 January 2021
Half Term: Monday 15 February 2021 to Friday 19 February 2021
Term Ends: Thursday 1 April 2021

Summer Term 2021

Term Starts: Monday 19 April 2021
Half Term: Monday 31 May 2021 to Friday 4 June 2021
Term Ends: Wednesday 21 July 2021


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If you purchase school uniform from Myclothing will get 5% commission for school fund. This is used towards extra curricular activities for the children. Click on logo to go directly to the website.

You can also purchase school uniform from Trutex school wear. Commission of 5% goes to school fund. Please click link for




Make sure you name all your child's uniform. We recommend My Name Tags. When ordering use our school ID number 59083. We will then get commission which we use for extra curricular activities.  


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