Last year we looked at Reading in our school. After interviewing Mrs Killen and looking around school, the researchers found out that further work was needed to promote reading for pleasure and that there was also a need to improve playtime behaviour.   The researchers put these ideas together and came up with the idea of creating an outdoor reading area which would help hopefully improve both issues.  In order to put this plan into action and gain the views of the children, the researchers set up a competition for 'designing an outdoor reading area'.  Based on the facilities to designs offered and the budget we had, the children chose a winning design and began to collect resources for it.  


This academic year we are looking at the road safety around our school as this has been a concern raised by parents and staff.  After interviewing both Mrs Killen and Miss Porter, the current concern seemed to be road safety and traffic outside school at the beginning and end of school.  After finding this out, the researchers intend to find out the views on road safety and traffic concerns outside school from the children, parents and by doing their own traffic survey after school.  Depending on these results, the researchers intend to research ways of improving traffic around school and the behaviour by setting up schemes such as parking pledges, and promoting various different ways of coming to school.